Sunday, January 31, 2010

31 January 2010


We were thrilled that we could all go to church together this morning - the first time since transplant.  Everyone was delighted to see Jeremy (there were lots of comments about his hair!) and to watch him running around and laughing with Stephanie.  He didn't make it to Sunday School, as the holiday program was still in place, and there were far too many children together in a room for us to feel entirely comfortable.  However, he did visit the men's urinal as part of his "training", although he needs to work a bit more on positioning his feet.

After church, he also had another "first since transplant" - a visit to the supermarket!  He was very excited and ran around like a typical 4 year old, pleading with his parents to buy various items, and promising that he really, truly wanted to eat it (whatever it was, even though he didn't like it last time it was offered to him!). His appetite still seems to come and go - he had a smallish breakfast, a larger than usual lunch, and wasn't very interested in dinner today. He did seem to like the new juice we found at the shops and which reminded us of our time in Japan - a 20 vegetable & fruit juice that is predominantly carrot and apple, with what seems to be tiny infusions of other various delectable vegetables.

Tomorrow is Jeremy's rescheduled bone marrow aspirate, so he gets to starve tomorrow morning.  Please pray that everything goes well with his "special medical sleep" and that the results show that there is no leukaemia in his body.

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