Tuesday, January 26, 2010

26 January 2010


Happy Australia Day!

Jeremy got a surprise visit from GooPaw, who brought him some noodles and a bbq chicken. This was the first bbq chicken for Jeremy in about 5 months! The dietician had recently relaxed his food restrictions - they refer to it as "liberalising" his diet. He ate quite a bit, but this was probably due to everyone else eating the same food, as well as being "hand fed" by Baba. After the protein was some deliciously sweet watermelon - and he asked for it in Christmas tree format, so he got an extra thick, full width slice that was cut from the centre - it was nearly as large as his face :-)

The doctor came by today, and gave us some good news. The current plan is for discharge on Thursday, which means that if all goes well, Jeremy should be able to get to the school uniform shop on the day before it closes. He will then be ready to go on Friday for his first day at school!

Jeremy's bone marrow aspirate has now been rescheduled for this Monday, 1st February.

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