Sunday, January 24, 2010

23 January 2010


Jeremy had a nice, quiet, restful day at hospital, managing to get a decent amount of napping-time during the day. There was no new news regarding the infection, but we are very thankful that he has not had a fever today. As we already know that he has a gram negative bug, they discontinued one of the three antibiotics (the one for gram positive bugs). The doctors came to have another look at his rash, and probably nodded and wandered off without comment. At this stage, it seems they will just keep an eye on it. Jeremy says it is not itchy, so I guess they aren't too worried.

Jeremy was very pleased when the nurses removed the cannula from his right ankle - he was obviously in some discomfort from it, and even made a declaration that he would sleep better!

Jeremy had not been eating much over the past 4 days, but when Dr Konkon showed up with a steak for Mummy, he decided that he was interested in food, and proceeded to eat about half of the meal. He also managed to eat a few scoops of the passionfruit gelato that was brought to him on Thursday (which he was not interested in at the time). It was a great relief to know that his appetite is back, as there were no nasogastric feeds available for tonight.

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