Sunday, January 24, 2010

24 January 2010


Jeremy was impatient to see us today - he rang this morning and wanted us to visit early! Stephanie had a good time at church today, and made Jeremy a beautiful silver card during the Sunday School activities. She stuck in a few delicate features inside, and was able to write a nice (and neat) message. Upon arrival, he was happy to play dinosaurs (the play therapist left him with a range of plastic dinosaurs for the weekend).

We are thankful that Jeremy's rash is not causing him discomfort, and that it does not itch. It is quite lumpy/raised, and on his back, it was red, but on his legs/arm/chest, it was not red. It does not affect the palms of his hands, nor the soles of his feet. At this stage, they are still not sure what it is - it could be GVHD, or it could be some sort of allergic reaction - possibly to the antibiotics.

Jeremy did not eat a huge amount at lunchtime today, but he did eat the ice block i brought along as a surprise treat. Dr Konkon visited, and proceeded to feed Jeremy a fair amount of steak again, as well as entertaining both kids with an artistic cooking demonstration. Large carrots were cut into cars/trucks and stars. They also got to grate some carrot - and the managed to eat up a fair amount of carrot at the same time.

Jeremy had a long nap again this afternoon, so we know he is still recovering. The clear dressing over the site of his old central line spot is showing that the blood is now drying up and it seemed that the area did not get any bigger today. Hopefully this will totally scab over and heal up very soon.

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