Wednesday, January 20, 2010

20 January 2010


Jeremy's bone marrow aspirate did not go ahead today. They made it to hospital early this morning, and had blood samples taken. As they were waiting for the operation, Jeremy became tired and unwell, and then had a fever. He complained of a headache, they gave him a large fluid bolus, cancelled the aspirate, and admitted him to hospital.

They were allocated a room in Camperdown ward this afternoon, and started antibiotics. Jeremy was quite happy this afternoon, until just after dinner. He then suffered a big fever, and rigors (shaking/shivering), and we called the nurses in. They in turn contacted ICU because he had low blood pressure combined with a high temperature. A second fluid bolus was given (smaller than 1st), and they watched him. He was quite stable whilst they observed him. But then after a while, Jeremy went back to sleep, and so they gave another fluid bolus (small size). As this 3rd bolus didn't appear to do that much, they called ICU, who sent representatives down again. They decided to give a 4th (big) bolus, watched for a bit, and then made the decision to send him up.

It will be a long night for mummy, as there is no bed in the ICU room, she will need to make do with 2 chairs pushed together. Jeremy also suffered the indignity of 2 nurses and 1 doctor each trying to get a catheter into him - thankfully they gave up after that, and he gave up screaming. At least he is still able to be cheeky at times.

The diagnosis is that the infection is likely to have come from his central line. Given his high temperature (40.9), it is likely they will grow something, and he will be kept on a 1 week course of antibiotics.

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