Friday, January 29, 2010

28 January 2010


Today was the first day back at school for Stephanie, and it was also discharge day for Jeremy. He had not experienced a fever for the last few days, and had generally been well. After the doctors came by for a final inspection, the nurse took out his femmoral line, which was quite painful for the little man (it was in the groin area and required a fair bit of pressure applied after it was taken out).  The femmoral line was a temporary replacement for his central line, so that the nurses could take bloods and give antibiotics and other medications. There was also a pressure bandage applied over the area to help it stop bleeding and heal up.

A special visitor arrived this morning (Giggle, from Camp Quality), however Jeremy declined to see him. Giggle is a hideous looking doll on a remote controlled tricycle that visits children in the ward. There is someone lurking in the background with the remote control and a headset to speak with the child. It scares most of the younger children in the ward (we have seen others scream and run away - it probably gives free nightmares). It is nice of them to make this effort to see the sick kids, but you would think they might have something more appealing for the younger kids? At least Jeremy wasn't afraid, he just treated Giggle with disdain.

Yesterday afternoon, Jeremy was moved into a different room - the same room that he had his transplant (not the transplant recovery room). So now we have been back in the police room (where he first stayed after diagnosis), and in the transplant room (where the deed was done).

It was quite strange, but good, seeing Jeremy run out of Camperdown Ward without any tubes attached to him.

We were slightly delayed coming home, as the doctors decided to do a blood count this morning before they could remove the femmoral line (this saves Jeremy from having needles on Monday morning before his bone marrow aspirate). However, we made it back to school during lunchtime, and Jeremy was pleased that we were able to buy his summer uniform so that he could wear it tomorrow.   He was also excited to see his sister and her friends, and played chasings with them outside the uniform shop!  Although we rang yesterday to ask for some items to be put aside, we were told they were inadvertently sold. Thankfully, they managed to scrounge around and find the items from cancelled orders that seem to fit the little man.

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