Sunday, November 1, 2009

1 November 2009


Thank God for another Gate Pass today! Jeremy had a great day at home, and once again tried to eat at mealtimes but still only managed nibbles of food - please continue to pray that he will eat properly soon!

However ...

after being put to bed tonight, he vomited up his nasogastric tube. He was very distressed, and wanted BaBa to drive out to hospital to hold him while the nurse put his tube back in! But our brave little man was so good, and now he is asleep with a new tube in his tummy.

FYI - the pink end is where the medications and feeds go in, and the tape is where the tube was stuck to his face.

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Unknown said...

Praise God indeed. It has been to be able to keep up with Jeremy's progress. We are remembering you all.