Thursday, November 12, 2009

12 November 2009


This was the second full day back at home for Jeremy. We have been working at trying to get him to drink more fluids during the day. Our target is 500mls of water each day, and we have been giving it in 100ml cups. He has been unhappy with drinking so much, but during the day, he has been reluctantly taking sips between games of Wii (The Wii Play Tank game).

We had a pre-breakfast game of Wii tanks, and we finished the 20 levels together! It was more impressive today because the colours on the TV were broken - the blue tank was red, and the red tank was yellow.

His main eating achievement today was at lunchtime - he ate just over 2 homemade dairy-free egg-free pikelets with a smattering of apricot jam.

Jeremy has settled into having extra naps during the day. The first is when Stephanie leaves for school, and a nap after lunchtime (before Stephanie returns from school).

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