Sunday, November 29, 2009

28 November 2009


Jeremy is still on his "See Food" diet at the moment.

He asked for crispy bacon for breakfast, tasted quite a few slices, but ended up only nibbling on bits of it and giving up. The bacon wasn't 100% crispy (it's not that easy to do, even with the oven!), but he did eat something which is better than nothing.

There was some good news in that he did manage to eat some nectarines. However, he was a bit stubborn about drinking today. However, he is accepting our efforts to push more fluid down his nasogastric tube after the previous day's blockage!

We have to constantly remind ourselves not to worry about his actual intake, as he is being supported by the feeds.

It was quite hot today, and he seemed to feel quite warm to the touch as well. A temperature check showed he was around 37.7 degrees, thankfully it did not go higher and he seemed to be happy playing wii and other games.

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