Thursday, November 19, 2009

18 November 2009


Jeremy's temperature peaked overnight at 37.9 degrees, so he was allowed out on a gate pass today. Dad had a cracker of a headache, and Mum was totally worn out, but we were both extremely glad to have him home for a few hours.

As we were required back at hospital by 5:30pm, we planned to have a larger than usual afternoon tea instead of dinner. For poor little Stephanie, this meant that when she walked in the door after school, we whisked her off to be washed and cleaned. We had a nice visit from Aunty J and we sat down together for "high tea", after which we had to quickly get ready to jump in the car to race back to Westmead.

It was good to hear S & J chatting happily during the drive out there (they do fight after being apart - it must be adjusting to sharing attention!). Although J was happy, and did not complain about being tired or sick, he still registered a 38.4 degree temperature when he got back to hospital. As they have not yet determined the cause of the fevers, he might be required to have an extended stay at hospital. If that is the case, we are hoping to be transferred back to Camperdown ward as soon as possible!

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