Sunday, November 8, 2009

8 November 2009


Hooray! Jeremy was finally discharged this morning after 84 days straight in hospital! He is very pleased to be back sleeping in his own bed after so long! And we are thrilled that he has reached another milestone in his long journey towards healing and recovery.

No more night-time obs (temperature, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and pulse) every 4 hours (or every 2 hours if febrile)! No more 5am bloods! No more drips beeping and nurse call buttons going ding-dong!

Jeremy has not had any fevers since Friday. The doctors told us that his recent fevers (and accompanying pin-prick rash all over his body) were caused by the GVHD (Graft Versus Host Disease) resurfacing because they had tapered the anti-rejection drugs too quickly. The doctors are pleased to see the GVHD (because of the Graft Versus Leukaemia effect) - they have recalculated his dose of anti-rejection drugs, and have put him on steroids to deal with the rash.

We have set up a Kangaroo Pump in his bedroom so that we can run his nasogastric feeds overnight, and will need to set up a special area for all his medical paraphernalia!

Jeremy will go back to hospital clinic 3 days a week for monitoring. Otherwise, he will be in isolation at home until his immune system matures (which could take up to 6 months or more) - no crowded places, no shops, no restaurants, no preschool, no church, and definitely no sick people!

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Wendy said...

What fantastic news! We are thrilled to hear he is home. We are continuing to pray for you all.


Wendy & Geoff