Monday, November 16, 2009

16 November 2009


Although we were told to be at hospital clinic by 8am this morning, it was only at 12.20pm when Jeremy had his "special medical sleep" for his bone marrow aspirate. As we had stopped his nasogastric feeds at 2am because he was supposed to be "nil by mouth" 6 hours prior to his general anaesthetic, he was a very hungry and very cranky little boy by the time it was his turn!

We later found out that because he previously had the ESBL bug, he will always be considered "infectious" and will be last on the general anaesthetic list! Knowing this, next time we will stop his feeds a bit later in the morning ...

However, he recovered quickly from his general anaesthetic, and happily ate some rice crackers and apple before being allowed to go home. We will not know the proper results (MRD or Minimal Residual Disease) of today's bone marrow aspirate for about a week, but are still praying that it will be totally free from any leukaemia.

The doctor stopped his steroids today because his GVHD rash has disappeared - and tonight we already noticed a drop in his appetite. Please pray that he will keep eating!

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