Wednesday, November 4, 2009

4 November 2009


This morning Jeremy had his second transfusion of immunoglobulin (antibodies made by the body's immune system), and during the transfusion he spiked a fever! However, as he had done the same during his first transfusion of immunoglobulin in September, the doctors think that it is just the way his body reacts to this blood product! Nevertheless, blood cultures were taken in case the fever was caused by an infection instead ...

This afternoon Jeremy had a red blood cell transfusion. His recent blood results show that his platelet counts have recovered by themselves, and the last time that he needed a platelet transfusion was a week and a half ago! Usually, the platelets are the last to recover, but his new bone marrow seems to have decided to make platelets first instead of red blood cells!

Jeremy spent most of the day napping, and then wanted to give his sharp teeth dinosaurs a bubble bath before dinner!

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