Saturday, November 14, 2009

14 November 2009


Jeremy vomited twice this morning. Once was during his morning Wii session, after we had given him some meds via his nasogastric tube - the next time was just after our second attempt at putting in a salt-tablet infusion down his tube. However, this second time, we had spaced out the meds 20 minutes apart, so there was no need to redo all of the medicines a third time!

Jeremy's appetite was much improved today. It started off reasonably well with some slightly overcooked bacon for breakfast (it was crunchy, which he seemed to enjoy). The added bonus here is that bacon is relatively salty, so hopefully it helps his sodium levels (which are on the low side, hence the need for 6 salt tablets a day).

Jeremy also made a huge mess of the 'Goo-Paw' style noodles we offered up today, and he seemed to enjoy the pork we cooked with char siew sauce. He got stuck into watermelon and demanded some passionfruit gelato. After dinner, he even washed his tablets down with coca cola - a huge effort and a massive change from a few days ago.

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