Friday, November 27, 2009

27 November 2009


Today's event was a blocked nasogastric tube!

Tonight, as we went to attach Jeremy's feeds to his ng tube, the machine started beeping. Normally, it is just a simple case of ensuring the lines of the feed bag are not kinked, and resetting the alarm. However, as it kept beeping, we looked closer and realised that it was his nasogastric tube that was blocked! We tried pushing down some water, then attempted to draw some up, but it was quite stubborn, and nothing seemed to work.

After 15mins of no progress, we ended up calling the nurses at Camperdown ward and asking for advice. We were worried that we would have to go in to Emergency and get the tube replaced (Jeremy is still not eating or drinking anywhere near the required amount). They suggested using some coca cola to see if it would help clear the line. After another 5-10mins, it finally gave in, and the line started working again (it could have been the coke mixing into the fluid in his ng tube and helping to dissolve the blockage!).

Thankfully, this morning's visit to hospital was uneventful in contrast. The doctors are happy with his progress (they do not expect his appetite to return to anywhere near normal for quite a few months).

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