Tuesday, November 17, 2009

17 November 2009

T+63 / 9 Weeks

As I write this update, Jeremy is back at Westmead Hospital.

Jeremy has not had any steroids since Sunday morning, as he was nill-by-mouth for yesterday's operation, and they decided to stop it yesterday afternoon. Today, Jeremy still ate breakfast, but not with as much gusto as his previous meals. He was still happy and full of energy, but his hands felt a bit warm (but not fever like, and his head/neck was okay). Closer examination of his hands/feet show that a rash is appearing again (looks like the GVHD again).

Of course, once we decided we were concerned, we then had to follow through and take his temperature - which turned out to be 38 degrees. What follows, is some agonising about the result. So we pray about it and decide to double check. This confirms a fever at 38.4 degrees.

More agonising - We decide we have to call the hospital. Jeremy seems well and not tired/sluggish like he has been with some previous temperatures/infections. Despite that, and our suspicion that it was a fever from the re-appearance of his GVHD, and we reason that it was due to discontinuation of the steroids. The doctor tells us to come in, but to come to clinic and not emergency. By the time we packed our stuff and get out there, his temperature had dropped to 37.6. They decide he has to be admitted as he did spike a fever, and it's better to be cautious with someone in his condition.

They started Jeremy on two different first line antibiotics almost immediately, but he was left to sit around inside clinic for quite a few hours. A bed was eventually found, but unfortunately it was not in Camperdown ward (its in Variety ward, where the people with infectious diseases are!). However, there is no requirement for them to leave his room, so they should be okay for the time being. They even said he could go out onto his balcony, where all the pigeon droppings are! (not that you'd want to)

So the deal is as follows. If nothing is grown from the blood samples collected, (that means no infection is found) - then he can go home after 48 hours. If something is grown, then he is likely to be detained for at least a week after the first clean sample.

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