Friday, November 13, 2009

13 November 2009


Jeremy had a pretty good day today. He did not need to go to hospital for a checkup, so he managed to relax and enjoy his 3rd full day at home.

He still had 2 naps, but from our perspective, he managed to eat more than the previous day. At breakfast, he asked to eat some tuna on toast, and he ate about half a slice on his own. For lunch, he asked for chicken schnitzel, but we didn't have any chicken, so we gave him some hastily prepared pork with panko (japanese bread crumbs). Although he chewed through a few small slices, the food critic in him decided that he didn't like the crunchy bread crumb coating. Our dinners are getting earlier and earlier, and today was no exception. This time, Jeremy ate some carrot, red capsicum, and 3 spoons of rice.

We are very happy to report that Jeremy has been a very good boy with his medicines. We leave the pills in a small dish, and tonight he picked them up and swallowed them without any prompting or complaints. For this we were very surprised and thankful, as some days, we have had to spend much time and effort to 'persuade' him to take his meds.

This Monday (16th), Jeremy will be going to Westmead for a bone marrow aspirate. He will be having these on a regular basis for some time going forwards. Please pray that it will show that he has healthy donor bone marrow, and is totally clear of leukaemia.

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