Thursday, November 19, 2009

19 November 2009


Last night, Jeremy was placed on vancomycin (in addition to the 2 first line drugs). The blood culture test had come back positive for a 'gram positive' bug, but today they managed to narrow further to a 'gram positive cocci bug'. Anyway, we are now going to move exclusively to a drug starting with the letter 'T', and this will eventually be given as a daily dose. However, since Jeremy is just beginning on this drug, it has to be introduced slowly and given every 12 hours.

The new 'T' drug was given at 2.30pm, but his temperature still managed to peak at 39.2 degrees at 3pm.

The good news is that they have identified the bug, and have a specific drug for it. Also, since the plan is to give him this drug daily (aiming for 12pm noon), the plan is for him to be afebrile for 24hours so he can be discharged. Then we would just bring him in each day for his daily drug dose until the infection is gone.

In other news, Stephanie got her first filling at the dentist. It was an event with much screaming/wailing/howling, and a river of tears were shed, but the cavity was filled.

The cause of complaint appeared to be the foul tasting anaesthetic that smelt like citrus air freshener (which was used as an alternative to a NEEDLE). The poor little thing was so distraught at the taste that she sat up in protest and howled for a few minutes! Thankfully this was after most of the drilling was done (the hole was so big you could drive an imaginary tonka truck down to the gums).

Anyway, since princess needs to have soft foods for the next 24 hours, she got a large slurpee for the walk home, and soy ice cream after dinner.

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